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  • Posted January 21, 2013
    sarah: i have an astigmatism is it normal?
    Dok: have u seen ur doctor? since when did u know this?
    sarah: yeah
    sarah: he said that i have an astigmatism
    Dok: did he say at what degree?
    Dok: because people might have astigmatism, but not all of them have the symptoms or complaints, depend on the degree
    sarah: i just see the +2 and i dont know the other, i forgot it already
    Dok: people with astigmatism usually have other complaints too, for example, nearsighted or farsighted
    Dok: slight amounts of astigmatism wont affect vision and dont require treatment, except u have complaints like blurred vision, hedeache, or being nearsighted/farsighted
    sarah: yeah, that's what the symptoms i felt sometimes..
    Dok: which one?
    sarah: all of them, except blurred vision
    Dok: have been prescribed for glasses by ur eye doctor?
    sarah: he said that i need to wear glasses
    Dok: have got them?
    sarah: nope
    Dok: then until u get the glasses, u will feel those symptoms, especially when you read or watch something
    sarah: why?
    Dok: our eyes are controlled by the nerves inside our head at the back of the eyeballs, they're actually close to the brain. those nerves are connected to other nerves that stimulates sensations, mostly to alarm our brain if something happen to our eyes
    Dok: for example, if dust fly into our eyes, then the eyelids will close as fast as possible
    sarah: is this connected to the nape?
    Dok: headache, blurred vision, etc are the sensation to tell our body that something 's wrong. apparently its in the eyes
    Dok: whats wrong with the nape?
    sarah: sometimes my nape is in pain, is it because of that astigmatism?
    Dok: i cannot say, your nape may be hurt because of high blood pressure, emotional stress, lack of sleep, uncomfortable body position, etc. you have to consult with your doctor
    sarah: i have a high blood pressure and my doctor said that it because of astigmatism
    sarah: that i have
    Dok: then besides getting glasses, you should be examined and prescribed for your high blood pressure if you want to eradicate the haeadache
    sarah: so, is it beacuse of my astigmatism that's why i have a high blood pressure of 130/90, sometimes 150/100?
    Dok: i cannot say that, we can only determine the cause of certain disease after thorough examination. and i didnt examine you
    sarah: how can i lower it?
    Dok: with the medicine given by your doctor, or naturally by reducing the amount of fat and fried foods for your meals
    sarah: what medicine can i take?
    Dok: i cant give you prescription via online chat, you have to consult with your doctor
    sarah: ok doc
    sarah: thanks
    Dok: you're wlecome