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  • Posted July 19, 2012
    Me: hey good day doc, just want to ask bout my problem, i noticed it for the past 2 months, i encounterd twice a month of having menstration usually first week and last week of the month, every 9 i had a mens for just 2 days and for the last week is 5 so worried, and i feel itchiness in my vigina? hellp
    Doc: how old are you?
    Me: im 31
    Doc: are you using contraception?
    Me: nope doc
    Me: coz i had a tubal ligation last 2009
    Me: and im using neo penotran forte to help the itchiness away.
    Me: i had a myoma before
    Doc: is the myoma already taking care off?
    Doc: sometimes person who under gone tubal ligation will experience irregular menstruation
    Doc: is there vaginal discharge?
    Me: yes doc.
    Me: last 2009 , just one operation together with ligation
    Doc: what is the color of the discharge?
    Doc: is thick? can you describe the odor?
    Me: sometimes, its slightly yello, and the odorless
    Me: yes it is thick
    Me: sometimes its slighlty yellow and odorless, yes it is thick
    Doc: I don't examine you, but maybe there is an infection in your vagina
    Doc: you should do the venereologist or obgyn to determine what cause this problem
    Me: is it possible i get the infection thru intercourse
    Doc: yes
    Me: i had also a urinary tract infection
    Me: is it connected?
    Doc: it is not connected
    Doc: how long have you had UTI?
    Me: 15 years since college time
    Doc: do you still have the UTI?
    Doc: do you still have the symptom of UTI?
    Me: yes sometimes doc
    Doc: ok, sometimes the symptom of UTI and vaginal infection is similar
    Me: ah ok
    Me: so i really need to consult an obgyn by tomorrow...thank you so much
    Doc: your welcome