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  • Posted June 19, 2012
    Me:.I was diagnose o of highblood pressure and rapid heart beat,My
    problem is my Doc. in bacolod city give me medication f therbloc
    50g,twynsta40/5 andavmax 40 g.the only avialable here is atenolol
    tablets and I stop the rest of medication.
    Doc: and what about your symptoms now?
    Me: nothing change its alomost 2 I stop last april until now.
    Doc: you really need to have a regular control to your local doctor
    there in hongkong
    Doc: because high blood pressure cannot be cure completely but we can control
    Me: I only wonder when my doctor told me about it...only before I
    sweat really badly.now not much.
    Doc: do you have other symptoms besides sweating? For example
    inability to sleep?
    Me: Im only affraid here is the Doctor here are chinese and I dont
    have yet experience with them.
    Doc: you should go to a hospital or clinic
    Doc: because you need to control your high blood pressur
    Doc: i think the doctors in hongkong are also studying west medicine
    Me: my sleep is ok.today I have late sleep I sleep at 10.I am waiting
    my boss for dinner out I need to look after 3 kids.
    Doc: ok, i asked because sweating and rapid heart beat are related to
    thyroid problem