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  • Posted November 30, 2012
    yanianne: good dAY!
    Dok: hello
    yanianne: can i ask something coz i need it in school
    Dok: okey
    yanianne: did a banana peelings can whiten our teeth?
    Dok: it still cannot be proven
    yanianne: but many use it effectively?
    Dok: no medical study has prove it
    Dok: some says because its potassium, magnesium and manganese effect from banana
    yanianne: does those minerals can whiten our teeth?
    Dok: yes some whitening contains those minerals
    Dok: it would be better for you to get detail information from a dentist
    yanianne: where?
    Dok: There are no formulas or procedures created to assure safe usage, so there's a real risk of severe and permanent tooth or gum damage. No dentist reviews your oral health before you begin to use them, so there's no way of knowing how any specific home remedy would affect your particular teeth or gums.