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  • Posted June 28, 2012
    Me: i fainted last night while on the church this is my 2nd time.
    Me: after fainting im hyperventilating.
    Me: the people around me told me that my eyes went up while im unconscious
    Doc: are you stressed or anxious?
    Me: recently no.
    Doc: how long have you been like this?
    Me: the first time it happen was last april 8 of this year
    Doc: any headache or dizziness?
    Me: no i dont have that. but before i faint last night i feel like to vomit...
    Doc: i suggest you to have heart and brain examination
    Me: is that epilepsy?
    Doc: the cause hasn't cleared yet, you need some test
    Me: every time i faint the told me that its like im having a seizure
    Doc: yes
    Me: is that epilepsy?
    Doc: the diagnosis of epilepsy can't be declared that easy, it needs some tests and you have to do the test at the hospital
    Me: ah ok. i need to havea MRI?
    Doc: or electroencephalography
    Me: what kind of test are they doing with that
    Doc: they will record your brain activity
    Me: is available here in the philippines
    Doc: yes
    Me: is that test expensive
    Doc: i don’t know, please contact the hospital
    Doc: I am glad to chat with you but i have to take another chat now. If you need any further assistance, please lets discuss through our website
    Me: ok thanks doctor
    Doc: you're welcome