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  • Posted June 24, 2013
    john: pls can u do me a favour
    Doc: how can I help you?
    john: veins of my hands & legs are bulging out
    Doc: how old are you?
    john: which look so ugly
    Doc: how long have you been having this problem?
    john: 1year ago
    john: i m 18+ yrs old
    Doc: do you work out regularly?
    john: yes but for less time
    john: and i also take proper dite
    Doc: try to lose weight, don't wear tight clothes, elevate your leg
    Doc: or you can wear compression stocking
    john: i m too thin sir
    Doc: there are some treatment for this such as laser therapy, Sclerotherapy, Catheter-assisted procedures, Vein stripping, Ambulatory phlebectomy, Endoscopic vein surgery
    john: my weight is 55kg sir
    Doc: you need to consult with doctor
    john: ok how much it costs
    john: pls reply
    Doc: I don't know about the price
    Doc: the price is different in every country
    john: ok
    john: what can i do if i dont want any treatment and stop bulging my veins..
    Doc: I don't think it is possible
    john: any idea plssss
    Doc: my advice is consult with doctor
    Doc: so doctor can do more examination and determine what is the best treatment for you
    john: ok
    john: hey i want to ask a question for my freind
    Doc: ok
    john: my freind masturbates 1or2 times a day
    john: is there any -ve effect on his body
    john: like weakness
    Doc: yes, it can cause weakness, loss of concentration, addiction
    john: ok
    john: he wants to stop this but he cant
    john: any idea
    Doc: tell him try to think other thing other than sex
    john: ok
    Doc: avoid watching porn
    Doc: do sports, hang out with friends
    Doc: study
    john: he also says that masturbation causes veins bulge. is he right?
    Doc: maybe it because your hands work more
    john: ok
    john: if he stops masturbating his body will recover from weakness,loss of concertation & addiction?
    Doc: yes
    john: ok
    john: thanx doctor
    john: which specialist are u
    john: bone specialist?
    Doc: your welcome
    Doc: I am a GP
    john: ok
    john: byeee
    Doc: bye