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  • Mae
    Posted May 20, 2012
    Me: I'm 18 years old
    Me: and i think i have colon cancer even though i know i'm too young
    Dr. Anna: how do you know? have you checked to a doctor?
    Me: not yet. but i've read the symptoms in the internet. i have the symtoms of having different bowel movement and i think i have blood in my stool.
    Me: also, my stool is thin
    Me: and a bit wet
    Me: but i've also read it might be hemorrhoid.. something about the rectum.
    Me: can you clarify what the difference between colon cancer and a hemorrhoid?
    Dr. Anna: different bowel movement like what?
    Me: i go to the bathroom to defecate more often now.
    Dr. Anna: did you see red blood on your stool?
    Me: i think it was blood. because i think i saw darker spots in my stool.
    Me: Do you think I have colon cancer or hemorrhoid?
    Me: What's the difference between the two?
    Dr. Anna: do you feel any mass/lump around your anal when you defecate?
    Me: I don't really give my email to strangers. sorry, doctor. i know it would be more convenient.
    Me: what kind of lump?
    Me: i'm not sure.
    Me: and where is the rectum located, btw?
    Dr. Anna: rectum is just above your anus, inside your body
    Me: i see. does it affect if i have colon cancer?
    Dr. Anna: no. colon cancer and hemorrhoid is completely different
    Dr. Anna: hemorrhoid is usually caused by difficulty defacating in a long time
    Me: oh i see, thank you. and i have also something to say.. although it is quite embarrassing to tell haha. When i defecate and i have a hard time doing so..
    Me: i actually put my finger inside the anus to scoop the defecate out.
    Me: i know it is gross, sorry.
    Me: haha.
    Me: so do you think that affects the symptoms i have now?
    Me: did i somehow iritate the rectum by doing that?
    Dr. Anna: yes it might iritate it. how many fingers do you put in?
    Me: 1 only
    Me: so i might have colon cancer because i did that?
    Me: or only hemorrhoid?
    Dr. Anna: no. colon cancer is not caused by that
    Me: Oh thank God. But colon cancer and hemorrhoid have the same symptoms?
    Dr. Anna: how often do you defecate?
    Me: i defecate everyday
    Me: but ever since 3 days ago.. i feel like defecating urgently..
    Me: i don't know how to put into words
    Me: hmm.. it's as if my stomach is upset and i need to defecate
    Dr. Anna: Symptoms of colon cancer are numerous and nonspecific
    Dr. Anna: fatigue, weakness, shortness of breath, change in bowel habits, narrow stools, diarrhea or constipation, red or dark blood in stool, weight loss, abdominal pain, cramps, or bloating
    Dr. Anna: it can be present for several years before symptoms develop
    Me: what if i have more a number of symptoms from that list?
    Me: What does that say about my condition?
    Me: what if i have a number of symptoms from that list?
    Dr. Anna: if a colon cancer is suspected, tests must be made
    Me: okay, so you suggest i have a test? okay maybe i will. hmm.. how about hemorrhoid, what are the symptoms?
    Dr. Anna: there could be bleeding (bright red) during defecation
    Me: and in hemorrhoid, is the lower abdomen affected?
    Me: because just like now, i just had dinner 30 minutes ago. and now i feel something on my bdomen.. like i want to defecate.
    Dr. Anna: and prolapse during defecattion (you can feel a lump/mass around your anus)
    Me: my stool a while ago was thin and narrow.. when i checked after.. i saw my stool wasnt completely red.
    Dr. Anna: no it doesn't affect the lower abdomen
    Me: but some parts of it had dark spots
    Me: im not sure if it was blood, but i think it was
    Dr. Anna: eating itself can induce defecation
    Me: so what do you think? do i have a higher risk of colon cancer or hemorrhoid?
    Me: based on the symptoms i have said.
    Dr. Anna: well, based on the symptoms, it is closer to colon cancer.
    Dr. Anna: but you still have to get tests to diagnose it
    Me: okay. what are the other possible sickness based on my symptoms?
    Dr. Anna: from the symptoms of colon cancer i said earlier, which symptoms do you have?
    Me: hmm i have blood in stool, narrow stools, abdominal pain/cramps (the feeling before having menstruation)
    Me: and then bloating... i don't know how to tell if i'm bloated. haha
    Me: i think im not bloated
    Me: oh change in bowel movements too
    Me: bowel habits*
    Me: but what i'm sure of is that i don't have weakness, weight loss
    Dr. Anna: are you sure you have blood on your stool?
    Me: but weight loss i can't tell since the symptoms just started 3 days ago. i was in class and found myself having the urge to defecate.
    Me: i am not sure. but my stool looked different. kind of yellogreen and then spots of brown
    Me: i think the brown is really red which is blood
    Dr. Anna: well i can't determine if i don't see it
    Dr. Anna: so the urge to defecate just started 3 days?
    Me: yes. i was surprised while i was in class because i didn't even eat heavily or anything
    Me: so i didn't know the reason why i suddenly had the urge to defecate
    Dr. Anna: do you usually defecate everyday or is it just recently?
    Me: i usually defecate everyday.
    Me: the only difference is that now.. when i have the urge to defecate.. it's as if it's because i ate something..
    Me: the feeling i mean.
    Me: i hope that came out clear
    Dr. Anna: i don't really understand
    Me: hmm.. the difference is that before, when i felt defecating.. it wasn't really "urgent".
    Dr. Anna: but actually the urge to defecate doesn’t necesarrily means abnormal
    Me: but there has been nothing different in my eating habits
    Me: so i dunno why suddenly i feel the urge
    Me: and i think it has to do with my lower abdomen
    Dr. Anna: even though you haven't ate heavily, our bowel have big capacity
    Dr. Anna: and it takes a lot of time (hours) from food to pass out as stool from the time we ate it
    Dr. Anna: did you eat anything that might move your bowel faster?
    Me: i see. i also read in the internet that if these symptoms last until 2 weeks, it is a cause for a alarm. but i have been experiencing this for 3 days only.. so do you think i have to wait 2 weeks?
    Dr. Anna: more fibers in food of drink perhaps?
    Me: no i don't think i ate anything that could make my bowel faster.
    Me: hmm.. i have been eating sky flakes for breakfast recently
    Me: those are crackers
    Me: so do you think it has to do with that?
    Dr. Anna: it might contain ingredients that help bowel movement
    Me: that makes sense. i see. so do you think i should stop eating that for some time and observe if these symptoms persist?
    Dr. Anna: for example some slimming milk contains inulin (a type of fiber) so people who drinks it may have faster bowel movement and defecate easier
    Dr. Anna: yes, you could try that
    Me: but does it explain the blood in my stool also?
    Me: eating fiber can cause blood in my stool?
    Dr. Anna: also observe the foods that you eat
    Dr. Anna: about that, i am not sure it is blood. because normal stool could be yellow, brown or dark brown
    Dr. Anna: blood in stool is usually red or black
    Me: okay i will observe my stool also
    Me: okay i will check back here after i observe my stool and after observing my eating habits.
    Me: Thank you very much, Doctor.
    Me: You are very helpful, thank you
    Me: This site is also very helpful and very convenient
    Dr. Anna: good to hear that
    Dr. Anna: you are welcome :)
    Me: Thank you very much. Will check back here after several days
    Me: Thank you again. :) Bye.
    Dr. Anna: Good bye
  • Posted May 27, 2012
    Hello Mae... how are you ? i believe your problem is not related to a colon cancer... so i would like to know what are the news from your side..your story will be helpful for others.. chat soon