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  • Posted July 19, 2012
    Me: i am suffering from headache for last 10 years
    Doc: have you consult to doctor?
    Me: yes i was . doctor prescribe me some medicine like Vergon and i take them for three months . but it did not work . still i feel pain on my head
    Doc: can you describe the pain?
    Me: mainly its began at the end of each month . when im suffering i can not look at lights ( bulvs, tubes etc) .
    Me: Paracetamol dosent work
    Doc: is there like an aura before the headache?
    Me: After sleeping whole night its cure
    Me: no
    Me: but i feel uneasy before headache
    Doc: I think you have a migraine
    Me: ya i also have match my symptoms . its like migraine
    Doc: this can cause by stress, changes in wake-sleep pattern, changes in the environment
    Me: yes doctor correct
    Me: please adivice me which medicine is safe for that type of pain
    Doc: sorry, but I can not prescribe you any medicine
    Doc: because I don't examine you
    Me: ya
    Doc: but the important thing is to avoid the cause
    Me: what should i do now?
    Doc: maybe you can try some alternative therapy, such as acupuncture or massage and chiropractic treatments
    Me: thanks doctor for your advice i will consult with an specialist in my area .
    Doc: your welcome
  • Posted July 20, 2012
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