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  • Posted June 27, 2012
    Me: i have had ach
    Me: sinc 2yeas what should i do
    Doc: What is ach?
    Me: pain in head
    Doc: What kind of pain?is it dizzy, throbbing, or spinning sensation?
    Me: when i have head ack ihave just left sid
    Doc: It means you have a migraine..
    Me: yah
    Doc: How often do you have this headache?everyday?
    Me: if i don tak tb then i have all day as well as night
    Doc: all day headche for this 2 years?
    Me: yah
    Me: when igo for injection then i feel better 2week
    Doc: Have you visited the doctor before?
    Me: in our next door is clanic i go thear but i dont feel better
    Doc: I think, you should go to neurologist since you feel the headche for 2 years..
    Doc: The neurologist will examine you directly, and maybe you need to do a brain CT scan too..
    Me: ok but u can teel me tab for migraine
    Doc: You can take paracetamol or mefinamic acid..
    Doc: But this is not cure the cause of your migraine..
    Me: thanks alot
    Doc: You're welcome