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  • Posted June 7, 2012
    Me: why is't that i'm experiencing headache or i think migraine almost
    3 days starting last june 4? and that day is our first day of class
    Doc: are you nervous about your new class?
    Doc: because emotional stress can cause migraine
    Me: a bit..
    Doc: thats why :)
    Me: last vacation i'm always sleeping very late is that another factor?
    Doc: yess thats also another risk factor
    Me: but now i'm sleeping earlier than usual
    Doc: either missing sleep or getting too much sleep may serve as a
    trigger for migraines in some individuals, as can jet lag..
    Me: i'm also taking my medicine.. but the pain is still going back
    Doc: what medicine did you take?
    Me: i take medicol for headaches
    Me: i take paracetamol a while back
    Doc: you should also try muscle relaxation exercises
    Doc: progressive muscle relaxation, meditation and yoga don't require
    any equipment
    Me: how's that?
    Doc: you can learn them in classes or at home using books or tapes
    Doc: or spend at least a half-hour each day doing something you find
    relaxing, such as listening to music, gardening, taking a hot bath or
    reading, anything you like :)
    Me: this is my first time to encounter this problem.. having headache
    during class for 3 consecutive days..
    Doc: you really need to rest and relax dear..
    Doc: if possible, rest in a dark, quiet room when you feel a headache
    coming on..
    Me: what is your prescription about the medicine that i should take?
    Doc: you can also try to place an ice pack wrapped in a cloth on the
    back of your neck and apply gentle pressure to painful areas on your
    Me: thank you
    Doc: we are not allowed to prescribe you any medicine, but those
    analgetics you took are right
    Me: but when i experience headache i just sleep is that ok?
    Doc: thats ok..
    Me: can you give another factor please?
    Doc: hormonal changes in women also a risk factor
    Doc: some women often report headaches immediately before or during
    their periods,
    Me: oh i don't have yet period..
    Doc: and also some foods can trigger
    Doc: but it depends
    Me: what foods?
    Doc: its different each person
    Doc: some are triggered by chocolate
    Doc: cheese, alcohol, salty food
    Me: i'm not eating those foods oftenly
    Doc: you need to keep a "headache diary"
    Me: what is the difference or similarities of headache and migraine?
    Doc: migraine is kind of headache
    Me: what is headache diary?
    Doc: headache diary will help you learn more about what triggers your
    migraines and what treatment is most effective.
    Doc: good evening, and get well soon :)
    Me: thank you and i hope so..
  • Posted June 7, 2012
    hi esperanza..

    i can feel you! migraine could be very exhausting especially the one that last long! for me, the headache diary works so well, because i now know what triggered my past migraines. and i try so hard to avoid those.

    i always try to establish a daily routine with regular sleep patterns and regular meals. and when i feel nervous or stress about something, i share my problem with my sisters and my best friends.

    but sometimes when the migraine still came to attack, i took paracetamol or mefenamic acid.

    hope you'll find your way to combat your migraine! good luck :)