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  • Posted August 30, 2012
    usman: tell me some medesen for gane weight
    Dok: there is no medicine
    Dok: just eat a lot of food with lots of calorie
    usman: witch food have calorice
    Dok: most food have calorie, just at different amount
    Dok: you should eat healthy well balanced diet
    Dok: drinking milk 1-2 time daily may also help
    usman: if i drink milk i have running nose
    Dok: you don't have to drink it, if you have a reaction
    usman: then what i take
    Dok: just eat lots of food, 3 times daily with 2 times snacks in between
    usman: whit is snacks
    Dok: small food
    usman: food siplement can b effect
    Dok: yes, it might help
    usman: tell me thouse name
    Dok: i'm not familiar with the brand in your country
    Dok: but any food supplement in the drug store is okay
    usman: ok thank u doctor
    Dok: you're welcome

  • Posted October 10, 2012
    John: well, i just want 2 know what to take so that i can get fat
    Doc: have you taken your meal regularly?
    John: yeah, like this morning i took tea
    Doc: you have to have big meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
    Doc: between the meals, you can have healthy snack
    Doc: dont forget to drink milk
    John: is that all for now?
    Doc: yes, everyday
    Doc: you may want to avoid psychological and physical stress
    Doc: light sport will help increase your appetite
    John: ok