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  • Posted July 5, 2012
    Me: i am paction of abpa can i b recover
    Doc: I am sorry, I don't understand
    Doc: I only speak english
    Me: how can i becom a smart and masculer man
    Doc: how old are you?
    Me: i am 24 old yerevan
    Me: answer please
    Doc: you want to become smart?
    Doc: and muscular?
    Doc: what is your height and weight?
    Me: yes smar my hight is 5 9 and weight is 58
    Doc: you need to gain weight
    Doc: Change your eating habits. Aim for three large meals and 2-3 hefty snacks per day. Drink shakes, milk, or juice instead of coffee, tea, or diet soda
    Me: how can igain weight
    Doc: Avoid unhealthy, high-calorie foods
    Doc: Eat more protein
    Me: in witch things proten
    Doc: you mean what is protein?
    Me: yes
    Doc: protein is all mind of meat, fish, egg
    Doc: poultry, beans
    Me: witch country witch u belong
    Doc: Indonesia
    Me: i use meat regularity
    Doc: one more thing, weight train
    Me: witch that things
    Doc: ?
    Doc: I don't understand your question
    Me: i askins for weight gran things
    Doc: you need to exercise to increase your muscle
    Me: can u talk me on scope
    Me: excires is ahard work
    Doc: you need to work hard if you want to be muscular
    Me: some medisons can b use for it
    Doc: I can not prescribe you any medication
    Doc: but you can try to find in the drug store
    Me: butway
    Doc: because I don't examine you
    Doc: there are some milk product to gain weight
    Me: can i become your friends
    Doc: sure you can
    Me: very good