Worms eating body tissues under our skin??!!

  • I heard that there is a couple from Victoria discovered their bodies were infested with tiny worms eating through their tissue. The couple suffered abdominal pains and rashes, with the husband even reporting that he could feel something moving under his skin!! This is scary!


    It is said that the couple ingested the gnathostomiasis larvae after eating a fish they caught in a river while on a Western Australian holiday. It is the first time this parasite, which is more common in Thailand and China, has affected a person in Australia. It took 10 to 12 days for the couple to fall ill after eating the fish. The worms are 1-3mm long, have sharp teeth and are able to eat through tissues. They were treated at the Alfred Hospital in Melbourne. The doctor said that "After you eat the fish the parasite goes through the wall of the stomach and then moves through the body under the skin or it can move into various organs, such as the brain or the spinal cord or any of the organs." So the couple were treated with antibiotics and recovered before the worms had the chance to make their way into the brain or the spinal cord. It is said that If left untreated, the worms can stay in humans for up to 15 years.


    Anyone from Thailand and China (it is said that it’s more common there) or any other countries have heard or any experience with this?